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Memorable Events

You're going to spend time, energy and financial resources to put your special event together.  Don't make the mistake and hire an amateur;  TRUST only the professionals at Show On The Road.  After the last song is played and everyone goes home, the only thing you'll take away from the night are the memories.  We're here to help you create them.


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Weddings of Wonder

Ever wonder why some weddings are a complete blast, and others suffer from an empty dance floor?  Your entertainment company of choice has a LOT to do with the energy level of your reception.  Our job starts by understanding what's important to you and taking on the responsibility of making your ideas into a reality. Our expectation is that you show up as a guest to your own wedding, leaving the stress and the worrying to us!  It's YOUR wedding day.  Relax.  Have fun.  Be present.

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Corporate & Social Events

Whether you're planning an awards banquet, holiday party, fund raiser, employee appreciation party, gala or any other type of celebration, we'll get your guests engaged and having a good time on the dance floor.  Be sure to ask us about our icebreakers, party motivators and team building activities we can do at your event.


WARNING:  Your guests may experience bouts of emotional euphorias linked to having a FUN time.  Odd, laughable behavior may result.


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School Dances

We'll transform any space into a night club venue with heart-thumping bass, computer-controlled syncronized light shows like you see at concerts, and the very best Vegas-style club DJs.  And don't worry, we'll only play the clean radio versions of the songs.  Homecomings, Turnabouts, Proms and everything else in between ... we're ready to get the Show On The Road.


School events have so many variables, so please call our office at 630.857.3350 for an estimated price quote for your event.  You'll be pleased with how affordable we can be.


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Why Choose Show On The Road?

  • Concert-quality sound systems
  • Wireless microphones for speeches and toasts
  • Dance floor light show included
  • FREE Head Table Uplighting (for 6 hour events)
  • Experienced DJs will handle all announcements
  • Over 10,000+ performances since 1995
  • On-site full Event Coordination by DJ
  • Online Planning Tools
  • Emergency back-up equipment on-site
  • Back-up DJ's on-call
  • We carry $1MM General Liability Insurance
  • Affordable, reliable and professional